Established 1950
Paterson, NJ
Welcome to BSP,

This site was made for those who lived at BSP in the 50s, 60s and 70s and want to reach out to old friends and share memories.

Brooks-Sloate Terrace Projects was one of several low income developments of the Federal Housing Authority. Established in 1950 and located in the Totowa Section of Paterson, NJ, many families began their journey through life in this area. We made friends, went to schools in the area and have many memories.

People have spelled and pronounced Brooks-Sloate as: Brook Sloat, Brook Slope and probably others.

Those from BSP more likely attended PS19, 5, 27, St. Mary's, St. Gerards, Kennedy, Paterson Tech, Passaic County Tech. . Most will remember Buckley Park, the Colonial Sweet Shop, Ace and Georges and getting wet in Molly Ann's Brook.

Through the the years I have looked back at the friends and experiences we had growing up and wonder what kind of life they are having.

If you lived in the area and would like to leave a message and share some memories please do so. Announce yourself at the top of the Message Board. If you want to be contacted, make sure to add your email address..

If you are still in contact with old friends please let them know about our web site.
Your pictures, comments and participation are welcome.
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